THOR™ X Convergent Multi-VAS Platform

Imagine all your Voicemail, Messaging, FMC, IVR and other advanced Telephony / IN services unified in ONE versatile, convergent, virtualized system, capable of serving multiple operators in a Carrier Group…

Imagine a powerful and intuitive graphical Service Creation Environment (THOR™ X Visual Designer) allowing you to modify existing services and create new ones easily in-house and in record time…

Imagine THOR™ X ...

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THOR Cloud ™ Hosted Service (SaaS)

Efficient: Selected THOR™ solutions such as Visual Voicemail or Voice-to-Text are available as a fully hosted and managed service, delivered from a secure, carrier-grade data center located in Germany.

Attractive: THOR Cloud™is particularly interesting to smaller operators or operator groups wishing to avoid high Capex, operating and maintenance expenses.

All-inclusive and fast: one moderate monthly bill covers all software, operations and support. The service can be up-and-running in a few months (compare to a year or more for an on-site infrastructure project).

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100 million+ / 1 billion+

the number of voicemail boxes / daily text messages based on solutions embedded in THOR X™ at 40 operators world-wide

THOR™ X Voicemail

The voice messaging component in THOR™ X, deployed by several leading tier-1 operators, currently powers over 100 million voicemail boxes. Its capabilities go far beyond replacing older “traditional” voicemail systems. Being a true next-generation architecture, THOR™ X offers such features as Visual Voicemail for all popular smartphones, Convergent Mailbox, Instant Voicemail and comprehensive Call Completion functions. A tight integration with the market-leading Voice-to-Text (V2T) engine enables text-delivery of voice messages in several languages. A powerful Service Creation Environment supports quick and easy service launch and customization. Advanced capabilities such as IP-Push notification and RCS integration make THOR™ X Voicemail a future-proof platform investment.

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THOR™ X Messaging

THOR™ X offers cutting-edge messaging technology, as deployed by over 40 carriers globally and powering more than 1 billion messages every day. All relevant messaging services (SMSC, MMSC, USSD, Application Router) are available on a single high-performance platform with a unified administration and monitoring interface. RCS integration and an IP-SM Gateway are also available, making the solution compatible with next-generation network requirements. A powerful Service Enablement module opens messaging control and logic to external applications. As with Voicemail, the Service Creation Environment supports an easy introduction and customization of messaging services.

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THOR™ X Telephony / IN / IVR

THOR™ X offers an extensive set of telephony (wireline / IP / mobile), call control and Web connectivity features and interfaces, making it an ideal platform for a new breed of interactive "Phone & Web" services. Existing services such as Televoting, FMC, Ring-back Tones, Conferencing, Collect Call, Call Screening and many more can be replaced and greatly enhanced by the combination of telephony, messaging, routing, recording, social network integration and mobility capabilities of the system. With THOR™ X supporting connections to leading enterprise platforms and social media Web services, new innovative services for both business users and consumers can be easily designed and quickly launched on a single multi-tenant, multi-application NFV- and Cloud-ready platform. Launching new services and modifying existing ones is supported by an intuitive graphical Service Creation Environment, the powerful THOR™ X Visual Designer.

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